How do alum of the best private schools feel about their experiences?

Parents want their children to go to the best schools – but would a private or parochial school be better than a public one? According to the Council for American Private Education, a survey of 1,017 people who were 18 or older found that 71% felt that private schools were of excellent quality and 63% felt the same way about parochial schools. So, how do alum feel about their time in a private school?

They Enjoyed the Smaller Class Sizes

There’s a big difference between the best private school and public school. Privately-run schools tend to have smaller class sizes. This way, the students can get more attention from their teachers as opposed to being in a larger class and slipping through the cracks. As a result, private school students tend to do better in a variety of subjects as opposed to public school ones. Teachers can also identify what subjects a student might need help with a lot quicker.

They Liked the Culture

The best private schools tend to foster an atmosphere that puts an emphasis on things like personal responsibility and ethics. These schools also tend to have a dress code, which puts the students on a level playing field.

They Were Given Excellent Educational Opportuntities

Privately-run schools have the funds and resources to provide students with a myriad of educational opportunities. This means that students can join extracurricular activities, such as debate teams, school bands, sports teams, chess clubs, performing arts clubs, science competitions, and more! Because of these opportunities, students have excellent college applications, leading to enrollment in many top colleges across the country.

They Formed Strong Friendships

This doesn’t mean that people can’t make lifelong friends in public school. It’s just that the usually smaller confines of a private school make it easier for the kids to know each other and strengthen their friendships. That can be harder when you’re one of the thousands at a larger school.

A good portion of private school alum look back on their time with fondness. They appreciated the better learning environments and the friendships they made along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about the best public school, we have staff who are ready to help you. Contact us today!

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