Building a Non Religious Private School in 2023

Private schools without religion are becoming more popular than ever. Private schools without religion appeal to parents that want a solid education for their children and the attention that a private school can offer without religious instruction. Here is what it takes to build a non-religious private school that will attract a vibrant student body.

Create a Skylight

Many schools focus on finding ways to keep energy costs down. A skylight could be just the solution you need to allow more natural light to flood in and reduce the need for artificial lighting in certain areas of the school. Many schools opt for more than one skylight to help keep energy costs down.

Skylight installation can be simplified with a ceiling dome kit. This type of kit enhances the amount of natural light that flows through the roof. In most cases, private schools without religion will hire professionals to manage the project. However, if the budget is tight, parent volunteers with experience in installing skylights can help keep costs down for the installation.

Skylights are not only great for energy savings, but they also add a great aesthetic to the school. Creating a learning space that is aesthetically pleasing is a nice place to learn for students and a nice place to work for educators. Making your school a standout choice is easier when the building looks great. Skylights add interest and can take your facility’s appearance up a notch.

Have Plenty of Sidewalks

Private schools without religion should have easily walkable campuses. Including plenty of sidewalks in your school design is an easy way to ensure that your campus is walkable for students, educators, and visitors. A commercial paver can create sidewalks all over campus.

Why are sidewalks so important in private schools without religion? Sidewalks keep the campus connected and ensure that students get a daily dose of exercise. Of course, for an aesthetic purpose finished surfaces like sidewalks are a must. Sidewalks help to keep the school clean. You don’t want students walking through dust, dirt, and grass and dragging all that into the school.

Sidewalks are a necessity. Sidewalks can reduce safety risks. Uneven grass or dirt to walk on is an injury risk. You should have sidewalks installed to ensure everyone’s safety at the school. A firm, even paved surface can reduce the risk of injury and liability.

Get Good Lighting for Students

Good lighting is a must for private schools without religion. Electrical contracting companies are available that can install new lighting fixtures. Bright lighting is essential to learning. Students should not have to strain to see. Of course, new lighting can also benefit the school in energy savings.

The right lighting choices will ensure that students can see unencumbered and save the school money. Energy-efficient lighting is available that provides the perfect lighting for learning and also keeps energy costs low. An electrical contractor will have options to meet all of the school’s lighting needs.

Proper lighting is important for school safety. Well-lit halls, stairways, and other areas can prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Lighting is also important for security reasons. It is essential that safety and security take priority in any school setting. The proper lighting can help to boost safety and security.

Have a Water Well

Water well drilling for private schools without religion can be a great option. The school can save money by not having to pay for municipal water services. A water well can help to make the school more self-reliant and less dependent on government services like municipal water services.

Additionally, a water well gives the school control over the quality of water that is coming into the school. It is a win-win situation. Tying to municipal water is not cheap. Piping going from the road to the building itself must be installed at the property owner’s cost. On top of the initial installation costs, the school will have to pay for monthly services, which can be expensive.

Drilling your own water well is the economical way to ensure water services at the school. Consider installing a water well.

Paint Calming Colors

Private schools without religion should be painted using a professional painter. The school should be painted in neutral tones and calming colors. Color theory recommends blues to calm nerves; greens help to elicit feelings of growth, and whites to motivate truth. Color plays an important role in how people feel, react, and control moods.

Some colors, for example, are related to feelings of excitement and passion, like reds. Other colors are associated with joy like yellow. Colors can powerfully effect the psyche, which makes it all the more important to consider color choices for the school carefully.

A bit of color theory research can help you choose the right colors for your school. Neutral tones of calming colors are highly effective in helping students stay focused. A fresh coat of paint can easily transform any building into a learning space. Connect with a professional paint company to get the school painted before the next session starts.

Have Nice Doors

Private schools without religion are expected to be aesthetically pleasing. The first thing visitors to the school see are the doors. The right commercial door will make the right impression. The entrance to the school gives parents, students, and visitors a sneak peak to what to expect from the interior of the school. The entry doors should be welcoming, yet secure. With the right door company you won’t have to choose between security and style, you can have it all.

Giving your entry doors serious consideration is a must. Entry doors are the first line of defense against unauthorized entry, but they should not be too “institutionalized” looking. Working with a trusted resource for entry doors can provide you with a selection of doors that look great and that are highly secure.

Some decisions you will have to make include the material of the door, the hardware on the door, and the size of the doors. Most private schools without religion choose metal doors with a solid core for an additional layer of security. Safety glass inserts are always an option to add some style to the door.

The best way to choose which door is best for your school is to get professional support. Professional support can provide the information you need to make an informed decision.


Landscaping the schools campus will add to the aesthetic. It will also help to reduce erosion problems. A crushed rock delivery can a great landscape design can help to protect the property around the school while it beautifies the school. Erosion problems are common, but that doesn’t mean they are less of a headache. Landscaping around the school will ensure that erosion problems don’t get out of hand.

Of course, students, parents, visitors, and employees appreciate a beautifully landscaped space. A landscaped school is a welcoming school. Enjoying nature during lunch breaks and recess is great for all parties involved if the outdoor areas are landscaped.

Landscaping puts the finishing touches on a school and makes it look and feel more complete. Private schools without religion charge tuition as all private schools do. Parents that pay tuition fees want their children to attend a school that focuses on academic excellence, and that is also aesthetically pleasing. In other words, you can’t skimp on the school’s appearance indoors or out because parents will be less inclined to send their students to a school that is not aesthetically pleasing.

Road Leading To School

The condition of the road leading to the school matters. Parents don’t want to drop their kids off in the morning if the road leading to the school is not well maintained. Of course, there is also safety issues when a road is in poor condition. A professional asphalt driveway paver can fix faulty roads. The road leading to your school speaks volumes about your school.

You don’t want to lose potential students because mom or dad can’t imagine navigating that torn up road everyday. Of course, if your school provides transportation, a road in bad shape is a risk to your school buses. Fixing the road can reduce risk of liability and wear and tear on your school bus fleet.

You can abolish safety concerns about the road leading to your school by having it repaired. A smooth safe road makes sure that everyone can get to school on time safely every day. It also pleases the parents that have to drive on the road.

Outside Sports

Private schools without religion don’t have religious education but they do have sports teams. Creating spaces indoors and out for sport teams practice and games is an important factor in creating the best type of school experience. Extra curricular activities are an important part of education, and a big draw for both students and parents. Every school should have organized sports teams to give the students something positive to look forward to after school.

An indoor gymnasium will host all of the schools required physical education classes, basketball games, volleyball and more. The outdoor spaces can be used for track and field activities as well as baseball and football. An astroturf flooring business can help with both indoor and outdoor flooring for sports. With the right equipment and designs your school can easily create teams that are ready to compete with other schools.

School sports are important in building school pride as well as teaching valuable life lessons about team work and competing. School sports are a great way to get the whole family involved in school activities. School sport teams get the whole family excited about the school. You can easily boost your volunteer numbers through school sports.

Investing in areas to host school sports teams is a great way to make your school a standout choice for parents that want their students to be involved in extracurricular activities. Consider adding both indoor and outdoor areas for school sports.

Keep Building Maintained Annually

You should have an annual maintenance plan in place to ensure that your school facility stays in top condition. Maintenance for your school facility can help to keep repair costs down and extend the life of critical systems like the drains in the school. Hiring a drain cleaning business should be on your maintenance to do list. Other maintenance activities include annual HVAC service, annual gutter cleaning, roof inspections, and annual pressure washing services.

Maintenance is the key to preventing catastrophic system failures that can leave your facility unable to open its doors. Regular maintenance for all the major systems in your school can catch problems early on before they get to the stage of causing damage or becoming worse. It is important that private schools without religion have plans in place for how the school will be maintained.

In some states mandatory fire inspections and other inspections are required whether you accept public funds or not. Ensure that you know the rules for maintenance in your state and move accordingly.

You Need a Full Service Cafeteria and Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is a must for private schools without religion. Children need access to hot nutritious meals and a place to sit and eat their food. A full service commercial kitchen will provide the facilities that are needed to ensure children have healthy options for both breakfast and lunch.

There are companies that specialize in school cafeteria design that can do amazing things with even the smallest of spaces. Connecting with a commercial school kitchen designer and cafeteria company is an easy way to ensure you are making the most of the space that you have. These design teams have access to state of the art technology and designs that your school can benefit from.

It does take some work to open private schools without religion, but in the end it is well worth it. Follow these guidelines to get your private school up and running.

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