What Should You Expect in Law School?

Have you ever wondered if being a lawyer in real life is anything like the lawyers you see on television? Watch the YouTube video “What Should You Expect in Law School?” if you plan to study law. The clip asks previous law school students about their experience in law school and if their initial outlook changed throughout their studies. It helps prospective students draw a realistic conclusion about what they can expect when studying law.

Video Source

It also helps prospective students gain insight into the demands of this course of study.

How to Pick a Program

The best thing you can do for yourself straight out of high school is to find out as much as possible about the career you’d like to pursue before studying. Many students drop out of college, or worse, only stay in their field for a few years before altogether abandoning the industry. You may wonder why.

The reason is simple. Young people are still finding themselves at 18. It’s almost unrealistic to expect a young adult to make such a significant life decision about a career they’ll follow for the rest of their lives. Try to get a part-time job at a lawyers’ firm to understand their daily job functions. The more information you can gather and the more exposure you can get before making that decision, the more confident you’ll be when you finally make it.


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