Hair Transplant Clinic Red Flags

Hair loss is a very common problem a wide variety of adults in the United States have to learn to face. While the process can begin at different stages for different people, the problems can be addressed in similar manners. One such solution is visiting a hair transplant clinic that will work to help restore the growth of hair. However, when going to a hair transplant clinic, be on the lookout for any red flags that may indicate that standards may not meet your expectations for the restoration process.

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The first red flag is the clinic attempting to begin the process prior to having a consultation with your primary doctor. Many people have a health condition or take medications that can have an impact on their ability to do certain medical procedures. Failure to take these into account can lead to serious issues arising during the process. If a clinic is trying to get to work quickly, rather than taking the proper channels, it is a sign that they may be just focused on your money and not your well-being.

Another red flag is the clinic only attempting the minimum number of grafts. Is the clinic trying to do the job correctly or quickly?

For additional information on red flags for a hair transplant clinic, please review the attached video.


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