Difference Between Private School and Public School

Private schools are known as proud institutions of higher learning. The value that a private school offers to students and their families cannot be overstated. There are some key differences between private and public schools to take note of. If you are struggling to pick the type of school your child goes to, it would be helpful to go over the traits they do not share.

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A typical public school in the US is run by the government, while a private school is privately funded; not run by a state institution. Another major difference comes in the cost of sending your child to a private school. Public institutions do not cost any attendance fees, while private institutions possess enrollment costs.

The money required to attend private school does more than grant beautiful scenery and top-notch facilities. Security is upped significantly compared to public schools. Also, the faculty and staff tend to go through a more rigorous and extensive training program compared to those of public school teachers.

For more contrasting notes between public and private schools, check the video above. Details on student distributions, success rates, dress codes, and detailed price points are included.


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